High & Low Amp Plasma Cutters:

Low Amp Plasma Cutters:

Low amp automotive service equipment method plasma cutters are alike to mig welders in the information that they run off either 120 or 230V outlets. You cannot beat this type of equipment when it comes to cutting stainless, carbon steel, or aluminum, or clearing spot welds. They also contain built in force regulators, simple to use control panels, and fans to maintain them cool. Bigger wheels ensure that they move around far more simply and, since they run cooler, these equipments won't over warmth and spoil the metal. For simple of use, look for models with compact handles, big tips, and longer nozzles, which are intended specially for tight regions.

High Amp Plasma Cutters:

High Amp plasma cutter runs upwards of 85 amps and weight in at nearly 100 lbs. Usually, thought of as stationary automotive service gear, this model plasma cutter is available in 'engine driven' models or with a 'valet style' undercarriage for enhanced maneuverability. Machines that include VORTECH technology and double winding technology provide you a quick arc, improved cutting speed, and enhanced performance with better cutting abilities.

Features such as fast disconnects create it easy to remove and modify torches as LED panels and indicators build the system simple to read and manage. Other features to observe for include Parts in Place and lockout circuits for enhanced security. For augmented precision, mainly with repetitive or hard cuts, choose plasma cutter models with a CNC/Robotic interface.