Gas welding

Gas welding is also known as oxyfuel welding. This welding process makes used of the oxy acetylene gas for the process of welding. This welding process can be considered one of the oldest and most versatile processes of welding. Even if this welding process is not being used in industrial applications today, that have dropped this type of welding in favor of more modern technology, this welding technique is still broadly used for piping and repair work. The equipment that is used is relatively cheap. The arc that is produced is done with combustion of oxygen with acetylene gas. The intensity of the combustion depends on the ratio in which the gasses would be mixed. This can produce high wielding temperatures which can be used in a large number of applications. A similar method is also used in a metal cutting process that is known as oxyflame cutting process. This is used for the cutting of metals.


Gas welding is very suitable for welding pipes and tubes. It is both effective and economic for applications such as construction and repair of heating, short life the fun physics platform game,  ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Other applications of gas welding include welding of hot water pipes, gas bottles, nuclear heat exchangers and boilers.

Gas welding is one the oldest and most authentic welding techniques ever developed yet. You must read bestessays com au review now. This process is relatively very cheaper that is why it is mostly used. There are many useful areas where this process can be used.