Right Welding Protection Is Refusing Industrial Accident

There cannot be two opinions that safety should be the prime consideration when starting any trade - more so, a trade like welding where the risk for physical injuries is very high. A lot of industrial accidents can be averted if tradesmen like welders take the issue of safety seriously and use the necessary safety accessories like clothing, boots, helmets, welding gloves, safety glasses etc. Welders must take note that welding safety accessories exist because welding, when done casually and in an unguarded manner, can be hazardous.

The causes of potential injuries from welding are: electric shock, obnoxious fumes, Arc fire sparks, fire, sudden explosion, flying metal pieces, intense visible and invisible light, etc. The ultraviolet and infrared light rays have the potential to burn your skin more intensely than sunburn, and can damage your eyes. Sparks and spatter can burn your skin, your hair and your clothes. However, when proper safety procedures are followed and the recommended safety gadgets are used, welding can be a good avocation.

Since welding produces oppressive heat and generates hot sparks, it is important to wear the proper work shirts made of thick heavy materials such as heavy cotton or denim that is not easily inflammable. The work pants should be close fitting and made of a heavy material such as work jeans. Overalls are appropriate if other clothing is worn under them.

High top leather boots are recommended for welders. Canvas boots or dress shoes should be scrupulously avoided. Wear heavy work socks for added protection against sparks. Safety boots with steel toe caps are advisable to protect the feet.

The welding helmet is designed to protect the welders face and head from the ultraviolet and infrared rays of the welding arc, while allowing the welder to view the molten weld pool or puddle. From amongst different types of welding helmets available in the market, the ones with the flip front is helpful. The flip front allows the welder to view the weld area through a clear lens, while still wearing the helmet.

The Auto darkening helmets are specially useful as they have lens that are clear to allow the welder to see the joint before striking the arc. As soon as the welder strikes the arc, the lens darkens to the normal view of the welding puddle.

The welding gloves required for welding are the gauntlet type gloves that cover the forearms. Lightweight gloves designed for TIG give the welder a better feel for manipulating the TIG torch and adding filler wire. The TIG gloves are however not suitable for STICK or MIG welding.

Safety glasses are mandatory for all welding work as they protect the eyes from the intense ultraviolet and infrared rays of the welding arc. It is important to know that the safety glasses must have side shields to protect the corner of the eye when welders are working close by.

A welding cap protects the head from sparks flying over the welding helmet and from falling sparks while welding overhead. A cap with no peak called a beanie is a popular choice for welders. A cap with a peak worn backward may also be used.

Safety is everyone's business, never compromise on safety aspects to get any welding job done hurriedly. Please bear in mind that an industrial accident can Irreparably ruin your career and future.