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Welding as a concept is quite simple and straight forward. It is the process in which two or more work pieces which are either metal pieces or alloys are joined together for manufacturing purposes with the help of a molten solution which forms the bond between the work pieces by solidifying on cooling. The molten solution is generated due to the high intense heat energy transfer generated with the help of an electric supply via generators and it is highly intense. There is nothing more into the concept of welding. However, there are various kinds of welding techniques followed in the industry today for different kinds of metals or alloys based upon its characteristics. Each of these techniques is quite distinct from each other though they use the same welding equipments but made up of different material. It all depends upon the application for which you are performing the art of welding.

Theoretically speaking if you are a guy interested in welding, all you need to do is gather all the details and procedures related to welding. However, theoretical knowledge alone isn't enough to perfect the process of welding. It is basically an art which depends upon the person's craftsmanship. This can be obtained only via experience for which you need to practice a lot. Remember that practice makes a man perfect and failure is the stepping stone to success. As a beginner you are bound to make mistakes. Just see to that those mistakes aren't grave enough.

Welding Equipments:

A welder basically makes use of many technical and mechanical types of equipment in order to weld any material. Basically you need electric supply to generate such an intense heat and a trigger to focus that solution upon the area which is supposed to be welded. Here is a list of equipments you require to perform the art. The equipment varies according to the type of welding procedure you are carrying out. The most commonly types used in industry today are MIG welding and TIG welding. They have different apparatus setting styles based on the material that needs to be welded respectively.

1. The Machine:
Both TIG and MIG come as different machine with setting features. These features are driven mechanically and electrically and you can set them up with the help of proper guidance and features given in the manual book. Of course as per different materials you need to understand how those material's characteristics and then accordingly understand the requirements and set accordingly. For example in TIG machine setting for any metal that needs to be welded except aluminum and magnesium, the machine is set to straight polarity features (Direct Current Electrode Negative).

2. Shielding Gas:
Shielding gas is necessarily not used in every welding procedure. However, it is required in MIG welding and TIG welding. The shielding gas is a inert gas that is used for protection purposes. Basically it shields the welding area from contamination and usually it is made up if argon. Some time compositions of 50/50 argon and helium are used for the same purpose. Mostly only argon is used as a shielding gas in welding. For welding processes such as shielded metal arc welding and flux cored arc welding shielding gas is unnecessary. Flux cored arc welding especially makes use of a hollow electrode wire that is filled with flux on the inside in order to compensate for the absence of shielding gas.

3. Torch:
The torch is either air cooled or water cooled. It is basically used for ignition or torching purposes.

4. Electrodes:
Electrodes are used for conducting current. It should be sharp and clean. For TIG welding these electrodes are made up of tungsten element. Using the smallest electrodes enables better efficiency as you can concentrate on the welding portions which much ease.

5. Welding rod:
Welding rod is a rod that used to direct the flow of molten solution upon the area that needs to be welded. It is connected to the welding gun with a nozzle in the tip to apply that molten solution on the area that needs to be welded. The gun basically has the trigger that allows you to direct and regulate the flow of molten solution generated due to intense heat which melts the rod to create the bond between the work pieces.

6. Generators:
Generators are nothing but machines which makes use of non renewable source of fuel to supply electricity for carrying out applications that needs power to be completed or done. In welding generators are highly crucial to as you require heavy supply. This supply also needs to be regulated as per the application requirement in order to produce sturdy welds. Mostly generators today make use of diesel fuel in order to carry out the task. They are made with different configurations and thus come in varying models. You need to understand which generator suits your industry better and purchase accordingly.

7. Safety Equipments:
Welding is a process which revolves around tremendous heat and light energy. Melting a metal is not a joke and thus you require such intensity in order to do what is necessary. The heat and light generated in the process is quite intense and thus harmful if our body gets exposed to the sparks. For safety measures welding industries makes use of special apparels so that your skin is not exposed to these sparks, boots made up of special fabrics to protect your feet, helmet or goggles to protect your eyes. Exposure to such intense light energy can severely damage your vision and you are liable to get blind.

All these equipments ought to be of the highest quality in order to make at most use of them. Poor quality equipment makes the welder to suffer more especially if he has budget constraints. They simply do not last longer in terms of lifetime and you might end up purchasing the same or repairing the old ones every now and then. You ought to be a wise welder. Good quality welding equipments are available on www.everlastgenerators.com. You can also get discounted offers on bulk orders.