Overview Of Portable Shear Welders


Portable Shear Welders are one of the most convenient and compact shear welders available in both semi-automatic and automatic working types. Portable Shear welders find useful applications in roll form lines, coil mill, small tube mill, and stamping presses. The portability of shear welders enables the use of the machine for multiple line use notwithstanding the strip flow, thus effecting a drastic cost reduction. There are several models of Portable Shear Welders in the market to suit use a variety of needs.

Latest Technology Of Portable Welders

Some of the latest Portable Shear Welder Machines do automated welding and cutting and come with a host of innovative features. There are pneumatic double blades for accurate, neat and effective cutting. The automatic centralized pneumatic copper weld clamps are provided for accurate and fast function. There is a precise motor and switch with stable and exact welding gun movement, inverter DC TIG welder to ensure high class welding quality.

Types of Portable Welders

Certain models of Portable Shear Welder Machines such as PSA 2000 are in much demand for its friendly design and helpful features. The PSA 2000 has some standard features such as a tungsten height gauge to facilitate a proper setting for the tungsten electrode and a proper weld fit up. There is a built-in automatic gauge bar with patented split elevating backup bars. The PSA 2000 also incorporates properly sized air cylinders for providing maximum clamping force.

It also has solenoid-operated clamping bar to eliminate the need for forward and reverses weld carriage motor relays and weld start limit switch. Some of the other noteworthy features of PSA 2000 shear welders include a pneumatically powered three-blade shear for distortion free shearing with 2 die spring loaded stripper pads for straight cut, an automatic relay to sense that welding arc is correctly established, step-down transformer, quick change backup bars - to name a few.

There are other types of portable shear welders like the model VE-10 shear welder, which is a low-priced shear welder meant for joining coils that are 10-inch wide by 0.075-inch thick for use in on stamping lines, roll form lines, and tube mills. The VE shear welder has some useful features like the automatic built in gauge bar, mounted work light, and automatic weld cycle.

The VE-10 type shear welders are equipped with manual lever-arm shears and manual clamping for precision edge cutting and accurate positioning of thin gauge strips. The VE-10 type shear welders come with DC variable speed carriages and a 225-amp weld rectifier. There are adjustable features that make the portable shear welders very user-friendly. It needs to be mentioned there are reversible shear knives and weld backup bars.

A standard portable welder can also be used on more than one line to dramatically increase your productivity. Shear welders are available in pneumatic and hydraulic versions, with strip widths from 1"-18". There are also butt welders specifically designed for light gauge and narrow width applications. You can increase the productivity of your processing line through the addition of a butt welder.

There are Stationary Shear Welders that can suit even the most demanding application and are popular and widely used in the tube and pipe, roll form, stamping and strip processing industries. The Stationary Shear welders come with TIG or MIG welding to suit your specific needs.