Multipurpose Welding Machine is Apt for What Types of Welding?

The welding industry is witnessing a lot of advancements are more and more equipments and tools are being introduced into the market. To become a competent welding operator or to become a leading entrepreneur in welding industry, you should know about all the range of the welding tools and welding equipments and should constantly update your knowledge.

The demand for Multi-process Welding Machine, also known by certain other names like Multipurpose Welders, Multi-function Welders and Combo, is on the increase in today's welding industry because of its portability as well as its versatility to perform many types of welding and cutting work.

Multi-purpose welding machines reportedly synthesize the capabilities of a constant current CC power source (stick welder, TIG welder) and a constant voltage CV power source (MIG welder) into a homogeneous unit. Typically multi-purpose welding machines can be used for arc gouging as well as submerged arc welding. Engine-driven welding machines are the ultimate multi-process welding machines as they can be used as a stick welder, TIG welder or MIG welder - apart from the fact they are compact and portable.

It is to be accepted that purchasing separate units for welding will increase your capital expenditure and will also demand more floor space. However, purchasing only one unit that can either weld or cut may not be the right solution either. What is ideally needed is a unit that can satisfactorily combine several welding operations into a single package.

Therefore, it may be cost-effective to consider buying multi-purpose welding machines that will perform all the welding process and also perform welding and cutting. These machines are of different types made by different manufacturers.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products have launched the MultiMaster 300X, a multipurpose welding machine for GMAW, DC GTAW, and SMAW electrode. The machine is designed for use with the company's Dual Shield X series of flux-cored wire and the machine is suitable for welders who use the SMAW process as also flux-cored wire. The machine offers DC welding output from 15 to 300 amps at 40 percent duty cycle.

Longevity MultiProcess Welders can be used for TIG/STICK/PLASMA CUTTER combinations and these machines are of compact size and weighing from 40-70lbs. Their WeldAll Series Combo welding machine can weld and cut all types of metals including aluminum, steel, bronze, copper, stainless steel, mild steel. With their WeldMax series multi-purpose welding machine, it is possible to cut and weld all metals except aluminum. Longevity Combo Welders are portable and capable of meeting almost all requirements of both welding professionals as well as hobbyist.

The latest PowerPro and PowerUltra line of multi-process TIG/ Stick/ Plasma Cutter welding machines from Everlast has come into the market to satisfy the huge market demand for economically-priced and affordable multi-purpose units that handle both welding and cutting. The PowerPro units feature advanced AC/DC Tig pulse, Stick, and plasma cutting functions, for welding as also for cutting any metal, including aluminum. The PowerUltra, offers basic DC tig, stick and plasma functions for welding steels and stainless steels, while offering cutting ability to cut any metal.

There are other manufacturers of multi-purpose welding machines as well and a prospective buyer has to do a bit of market study before finalizing purchase.