Learn Arc Welding and Necessary Supplies

Welding is the method of joining two metals by fusing them together. The common form of welding is arc welding and most people learn that first. You can learn it by getting all the essential supplies and practicing it.

Arc welding is done by an electric arc between an electrode and the base materials. At the welding point the metals are melted. An electric power supply helps in creating and keeping the electric arc. AC or DC current is used. A shielding gas is used to protect the welding area. A constant power supply and constant voltage is necessary for arc welding. In this type of welding, the length of the arc is according to the voltage and the heat input is according to the current. The most important thing in arc welding is constant power supply. The next important thing is the continuous supply of welding rods or electrodes. Besides this you need things to keep the place clean, such as brooms, tapes, cables, vacuums etc. Safety is a very important point to be considered in arc welding as it is necessary to keep the welder protected. Hence, it is essential that welder has eye protection, face protection, gloves, protective clothing, helmet and a first aid kit ready at hand.

To learn arc welding, you need to get a cheap arc welder and some scrap steel to use for practice. You should find a place without any flammable material around it. You should get a table that will be at the right height for working and place the scrap steel on it. The ground should be attached to the steel and the welding rod should be fixed to the other clamp. Put on protective gear and switch on the welder to about 80 amps.

The electrode should be put into the steel to get an arc. If it sticks, you should pull it out and try again by increasing the amps. After the arc gets started, you should keep the electrode in the steel to maintain the arc. It should be at a distance of one- fourth from the steel and at this point it will make a hissing or a crackling sound. The electrode should be kept at the right distance. If it is too close, it will stick to the metal and if it is too far away, it will make a large popping sound and metal pieces will fly in all directions.

Start learning first to just laying a bead on a single metal piece. This will help you perfect the art and then you can join two pieces of metals. Practice makes perfect.

Take all the necessary precautions, as welding can be dangerous, if not done right. The arc will cause permanent eye damage, if protective eye gear and helmet is not worn. The fumes are toxic and you should warn people around to be careful. When you are regularly doing welding, you should take care of all the safety aspects and then only continue your work. People can also suffer from electric shock, burns and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Since you are still in the learning process, it is very essential that you first follow all the safety rules and then get down to welding.

With all the necessary supplies and the safety aspect taken care of, learning to weld is not difficult.