Importance of Welding Education

Welding technology has evolved dramatically in a period of 100 years and the need for proficient welders in the industry is greater than ever. In today's world, Welders must be skilled in many welding processes and must possess adequate expertise in performing a welding work. At the very least, a welder must be able to weld all manners of piping using the manual SMAW and GTAW processes. Only proper education and constant exposure to competent work atmosphere will bring out the best in a welder. 

Welding is a highly technical profession where there is a lack of competent welders. The complications of the welding industry have resulted in the huge demand of proficient welders in chemical and refinery plants and also nuclear and conventional power production plants. To meet this demand, various schools have been established all around the world to provide welding education to potential candidates. These welding schools provide training on a variety of automatic and semi-automatic orbital welding processes which are the basic skills needed for a welder to work in a high-purity piping industry. High purity is an industry which manufactures computer chip and pharmaceutical products where there has always been shortage of pipe welders. 

Due to the rapid change in the welding technology, the schools have to be up to date with the technical advancement of the welding industry. They should be able to provide extensive training and intelligent recruitment to develop a skilled welder and prepare them to meet the new challenges. Not only the schools, but also the welding professionals should keep themselves updated by enrolling in novel courses regularly which helps them to deeply understand the requirements of welding education. Also attending seminars and workshops related to welding industry will help them to know the latest trends in the industry. 

Many schools offers specialization courses for welders since industries look for professionals who are certified in a particular process for certain welding operations. One such is under water welding operation. It should be performed only by professionals who are certified in under water welding process. Welding inspectors, welding engineers, welding fabricators, welding educators are the other fields which require only certified professionals. 

Training on welding information can be from few months to few years. If you are in the welding industry, then it is a lifelong learning process. Many people are ignorant of the fact that welding education includes mathematics, physics, metallurgy and science. Also it involves theory as well as practical training where one can learn more and more about the current processes while the new processes are being developed. 

Always take time to research a welding school and make sure it is genuine before paying to attend the training. Lack of proper training and safety precautions might cause burns, electric shock and over exposure to UV light and harmful gases might lead to eye damage. 

Welding is a profession that will never disappear since it is needed in almost all the construction trades. No buildings, bridges and roads can be built without a welder. Highly proficient welders have no problem in getting jobs today. But the gap between demand and supply should be narrowed. Only skillful welders will be able to meet tomorrow's challenges.