What is plasma?

We must have heard about stuffs working with plasma but, what is this plasma exactly? Plasma is the 4th state of matter. It is produced by passing inert gas around an electrical discharge. The gas is blown out at high speeds through the electrical arc and this gas is superheated to the plasma state.

There are many methods that most welding machines that employ plasma use to create the plasma. The most common use of plasma is in plasma metal cutters. Here the plasma is concentrated with the help of a nozzle onto a point that will help to cut through the metal. This metal is much more efficient than the conventional welding methods.

Also this method can be used to cut through layers of metal with ease. Most metal cutters from all over the world today are switching to plasma cutting methods because of its efficiency and its reliability to produce neat cuts when compared to the traditional cutting methods. There are portable plasma cutting methods that are available for the similar purposes today. Plasma cutters are one of the most efficient as well as quick methods to cut metal sheets of thick or thin breadth.