What is High tolerance plasma?

Unlike in normal plasma cutting method in which there is no sharp or squireness in the edges we can get the right result that we need in this method. Getting an improved cut quality is no more difficult as we have High Tolerance Plasma Arc cutting, that are also known as HTPAC systems. These High Tolerance Plasma Arc cutting are obtainable with an extremely constricted plasma flow.

To be precise we can say that High Tolerance Plasma Arc cutting method is an automatic technique which requires accuracy, speedy tackle. We can get great results with thicker sheets starting from a minimal thickness of about 6mm.

Apart from this the cutting speed of these High Tolerance Plasma Arc cutting method is usually lesser than the usual plasma processes and can be calculated to be just about 60 to 80% the speed of a laser cutting method but still give a great cut at the end. The Cut quality lies between a usual plasma arc and the laser beam with Narrow kerf width. As the heat affected zone is very small, there is less or very minimal distortion.