What To Expect For 2013 Part 5

The PowerPlasma cutters, which are popular sellers in the Everlast lineup, are receiving their own makeover, with a new user interface, and a new panel design.

The PowerPlasma 60-80 will receive an upgrade on internal design by moving the water separator to the inside to reduce operator assembly effort.  The PowerPlasma will also have a 3 second Pilot arc tip saver feature which automatically shuts down the pilot arc if continuity is not sensed and the arc is not transferred.

These welding units will feature pilot arc of course as stated, but with the tip saver feature, the customer has the option of a pilot arc that engages and disengages automatically in the “normal” mode. This will prevent excessive wear on the plasma tips and improve overall lifespan of the components and give the customer a conscious choice in how he wants the plasma cutter to behave.

The new protective case with the flip down visor will be shared with the PowerTIG and PowerPro series, so that overall flow and form makes the Everlast line universally recognizable. Small upgrades may go unnoticed internally except for this: No more High Frequency points to deal with or adjust. The blow back torch, the Trafimet s-75, will be used on all welding units from 60-80 amps eliminating the need for HF starting and allowing the welding units to be more electronic friendly.

This is a much requested item by our customers, and we have added this feature in response to that.  For all you CNC people out there, take note!