Welding Safety Reminder

We can’t go a month without discussing the importance of welding safety. It is part of our duty as a company to keep customers reminded, informed, and up-to-date on the best and safest welding practices.

Seriously, your life depends on it.  Welding can kill you…literally. That is why it is important you know about welding safety. There are dangers existing in every aspect.  Consider the possibilities that can lead to serious injury and death.  You have the possibility of being permanently and painfully blinded.

One of many welding dangers is Arc rays. Arc rays can burn your eyes and create permanent vision damage.  Stray sparks flying through the air from grinding or welding sharp pieces of metal in the shop sticking out can put out an eye.  How about painful burns?  Welding metal, literally at its melting point, starts to drip and pop everywhere and is a big welding danger.  Even after welding the metal may remain at a temperature high enough to cause 3rd degree burns or worse.

Welding metal can drop onto clothes and ignite them without flame resistant clothing.  Arc rays can burn and damage the unprotected skin.  Heavy metal plate or pieces of weldment or sharp edges can drop onto feet, legs, hands, fingers and other body parts and cause instant dismemberment or death.

Of course, the most obvious welding dangers are from shock and electrocution. This possibility exists every time an arc is struck.  Grounding out against the metal with the body happens without anyone noticing, especially the welder, and 99 times out of 100 nothing happens.  It’s that ONE time that can end it all.

Almost all people in the welding industry often can tell you of personal stories of injury and probably know of an instance of a friend or coworker that has been seriously injured or killed in the industry.  There are many welding dangers, especially in the hands of a newcomer to the art. There are so many possibilities for injury at the outset, due to forgetfulness and poor or little training.

It is important you know about welding safety.  It isn’t easy to watch out for every danger in the welding shop, obviously.  And the chances are not super high that you will die or get seriously hurt the first few times out welding.  But if you are conscious of your surrounding and alert while welding you have met the safety issue head on. The best thing you cannot do is not to weld while tired or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  This alone will save your life without having to try.