TIG Welding Tips. Saving Gas with TIG

Tips for TIG welding and gas flow

Everyone who has welded with TIG welders knows that having a good and consistent  flow of shielding gas is important to preventing weld defects such as porosity or oxidation of the weld.  Unfortunately it is an issue that many people end up chasing.   Some resolve this issue by raising the gas flow rate until everything disappears and then usually add a little extra flow rate for good measure.  But not only is that wasteful, it also can create the very problem that it is intended to solve by introducing turbulence that disrupts the coverage capability of the shielding gas.  Gas flow rate is important, but using more than necessary does not make good financial sense even if turbulence is not an issue.  One way resolve most gas coverage issues in normal welding circumstances is to use a gas saver lens.  The gas saver lens consists of a specially made cup and collet body.  The cup is designed to hold a small metal “mesh” screen which acts very similarly to a diffuser screen on a kitchen sink faucet.  This screen sifts and orients the gas flow so it becomes uniform.   Comparing it to the water flow from a faucet without a diffuser, which would flow irregularly and spray and splash everywhere, you can visually see why a gas lens is important.  Gas savers don’t only improve the gas flow pattern it actually lowers the amount of gas required in normal circumstances.  Now there are a variety of different gas savers which feature Alumina, Pyrex and even Titanium cups.   Each of these have the benefits depending upon the type of service.  Pyrex allows unobstructed sight of the weld, but alumina cups are much more economical while Titanium are perfect for rough conditions.   Gas lens kits seem to be expensive on the surface but tend to pay for themselves within the first tank or two of use.   If you haven’t used one, Everlast offers a variety of gas saver lens kits for different torches at a great price and can be ordered from the website or directly from a sales representative.


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Yes, I agree that having a good and consistent  flow of shielding gas is important while welding. Similarly, a thorough kitchen hood cleaning is necessay for better air-flow.

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