Stick Welding Part 3 - Which Welding Process Should I Try First?

Stick Welding, Which Welding Process Should I Try First? Part 3


Stick welding offers a good mix of skills, though it may not be quite the teacher and provider of experience that oxyfuel welding is.  It’s primary advantage is that it is common and readily available. Stick welders can be bought fairly inexpensively in a wide range of amps and capability as well as AC and DC processes.   Though the stick welder has been around for many years, it isn’t going anywhere soon.  No single other process can match the versatility, speed, and amp for amp capacity of a stick welder.   These are definitely solid pluses for considering a stick welder as you first machine.  Electrodes are easily and readily available all across the country.   Whether it’s a big box store, or the local welding supply distributor, they’ll have a rod to suit your needs, from steel to cast iron to aluminum. Common welding electrodes for stick welders are inexpensive, and multi taskers.   There’s no need to stock a wide and exotic inventory of welding rods to fit every application, as just a few different ones will handle most day to day welding needs in almost any welding conditions.   A final and convincing point is the portability of a stick welder.   Even with giant  transformer boxes, the welding cables and torch coil neatly up and can be added to extend almost anywhere.  With inverters, though portability is maximized, and you’ll never be too far from the unit to make minute adjustments in the amp range if needed.  This is a bonus of buying an Everlast welder.  All units are currently inverters and you can get up to 300 welding amps in a package not much bigger (or heavier)  than a piece of carry on luggage.

Everlast Welders, your stick welding experts.


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