Stick welding and its nuances

Shielded Metal Arc Welding commonly known as stick or covered electrode welding one of the most widely used welding process. The instability casing the electrode thaws during welding.  This shapes the gas and slag to defend the arc and molten weld pool.  The slag must be flaked off the weld blob after welding. The fluctuation besides endow with the technique of toting up scavengers, deoxidizers, and alloying rudiments to the weld metal.

While proceeding with the stick welding process, it is necessary to consider the following points which include power setting, length of arc, angle of electrode, operation of electrode and velocity of travel.

There are several benefits associated to stick welding and it includes:

Equipments are simple to use

Easy on the pocket and portable

Potential to all positions

Inferior sensitivity to wind and drafts

Because of the accessibility of an extensive range of electrodes, the process finds infinite applications.

An immense series of metals and their alloys can be welded.