The significance of MIG Welding Gun

The welding gun is single most important component when it comes to welding. Without which welding becomes absolutely impossible irrespective of what kind of welding technique you pursue. Hence much care should be directed towards the welding gun when it comes to maintenance. The wire feeds through to reach the contact tip or nozzle which allows the welding arc to weld the pieces together. It is very important that the wire feeds through smoothly and comfortably. Any obstruction will cause the arc to behave inconsistently and erratically which in the end results in poor welding and wastes materials used for welding. It is necessary to have a constant arc voltage to reduce spatter.

The erratic nature is usually a result of wear and tear or dirt issues involved with the welding gun. Thus the welding gun should be thoroughly checked and maintained regularly. If the factory is located in a dusty area such as in rural ones, there are more chances of dust entering into the workshop and accumulating here and there disrupting our work by covering the equipments with dust. For this reason alone, it is important that the workshop is built with concrete floor. The drive rollers of the wire feed mechanism often gets covered with dust and spatter particles which are mostly metallic by nature. These residues work its way down the gun cable and into the liner. And over a period of time the internal resistance increases by which the wire will fail to feed the welding gun. It is important that you regularly maintain your equipments to avoid all these issues.


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