Product Buying Guide part 24

The PowerPro line of multi-purpose, all-in-one TIG/Stick/Plasma cutter units are one of the most popular welding units that Everlast sells.  They feature Constant Current, AC/DC output for TIG, DC for Stick, and DC output for Plasma cutting.  In the line there are 3 PowerPro models.

The first is the PowerPro 164.  It’s a 160 amp TIG/ 150 amp stick with a 40 amp plasma.  These are portable welding machines that are great for small repairs and general on-the-go work.  It’s got enough power to handle most small jobs.

The next is the PowerPro 205.  The portable welding machines are extremely popular and will handle most every transferable repair job you will come across.  It’s a great unit because of the TIG features that it offers are not available on many competitors’ models until you reach the top of the line model.  It has a 60% duty cycle for TIG at 200 amps.  It’s 60% for stick at the maximum range of 160 amps.   It features a 50 amp plasma with a 60% duty cycle.

The PowerPro 256 is the largest in the AC/DC line of PowerPros with 250 amps TIG, 200 amps stick, 60 amps plasma with a 35% duty cycle rating.  It holds the largest share of the PowerPro line in sales.  It certainly has all the power you’ll ever need.  One thing to keep in mind about the PowerPro and any of the multi welding units with a plasma cutter added: these are not production machines. The biggest mistake you can make is to buy one for production work or fabrication.

These portable welding machines are excellent at what they are designed for: portable repair and small project work. But putting them in a production environment makes almost no sense because of the torch changes that are required, and gas changeovers consume precious time…something not easily tolerated in that kind of environment.