Product Buying Guide part 12

Well if a smaller, more convenient stick welder is needed, that is able to go anywhere and maintain a good welding arc is needed, and you are thinking of dabbling in TIG the PowerARC 140ST offers a convenient package.

The 140’s tiny stature doesn’t mean it won’t weld with the big boys.  It has a 35% duty cycle at a full 140 amps which is better than most standard utility transformer stick machines manufactured by the major competitors in the product range.  The welding unit performs nicely on industry standard rods like E 7018 and E6011.  This welding unit is packaged in a convenient carry case which holds the included accessories.  For comparison the PowerArc 140ST from Everlast, as far as size, could fit inside a child’s shoe box by itself.

The included TIG capability adds another dimension of usability to the machine.  The welder is equipped with a switch which allows the operator to choose between stick output or lift start TIG.  Now keep in mind the PowerArc 140ST will not do aluminum in the TIG mode, but it does have a low amp capability of 10 amps for DC welding which covers most all other metals like steel, chrome moly, and stainless.

The torch includes a gas valve built into the handle for manual and easy control of the gas flow.  All you need is a regulator, a bottle of Argon, and a pack of tungsten, and you are set to weld DC TIG any time you have a need of it.  Further adding to the features of the welding unit, is the small ability of the welder to operate on either 120 or 240 volts input. Expect a decrease in output though on 120, because of input restrictions on amperage draw, which are 90 amps (for a 20 amp breaker).


Thank you for this guide, Bro! I will try to use it in my work

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