Product Buying Guide Overview Part 2

As much as anything part of our reputation exists on providing a cheaper alternative to help customers, that couldn’t otherwise afford to purchase a name brand product, to be able to own a competent, well performing welder or plasma cutter and start making money.  That’s really always been part of what we do, and will continue to do over the foreseeable future.   In fact the prices are so good, that many people instantly want to “overbuy”, and maximize the features of their product.

The real key to buying however is to understand what features you get and exactly how they will  play a part to help you be a better welder.  Sometimes, though, for a beginner or even an advanced user, with all the buttons and controls, we might as well put them in the cockpit of the space shuttle.  Particularly with our TIG welders, customers are likely never to use many of the features we offer, especially if they are desiring to use the foot pedal.  In our TIG line, whether AC or DC we have “extra” controls that a lot of people seem to want, but when using the foot pedal, they are not relevant at all.  Controls like “up slope” “down slope” , “start amps” and“end amps” are only useful while using the torch switch.  This remote switch (as some people label it) is for use without the foot pedal, and cannot be used at the same time.