Prioritizing your FIRST welding project list Part 3

Table time. Yes, the welding table is actually what I consider to be the third most important project you need to tackle after building a cart and a couple of project horses. Of course there are a wide variety of these tables available for purchase. But nothing can compare to the sheer satisfaction of making your own welding table.

You can create it to work around your specific needs and no one else’s. A variety of sizes and shapes can be employed. But keep this in mind: you will usually need at least TWO different tables. One would be for heating, beating and general welding/cutting activities.  The other would be for layout and sensitive welding procedures.

The type of table features you include may center on the welding process you are going to employ, with special hangers attached for a MIG gun or a Tig gun, or a simple hook for stick welding leads. Each feature can be carefully thought out or added as you go or have needed. The basic welding table though is critical to being able to make comfortable welds.

When you are comfortable while welding, you will produce a better quality weld. Without a lot of training, you can be up and welding much quicker than you will if you stay stooped over welding inches off the floor. A good welding table can help keep things square and in place while welding when combined with good clamps.

The table of course, must be made square and flat itself for this type work. Getting it square takes a lot of effort and if the “work” horses we discussed previously are already made, it’s easier to get things properly aligned so the table ends up true, straight, and easily leveled.


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