Prioritizing your FIRST project list. Part 2

Whether you decided that a welding cart project was too intense for your first project and went out and bought one, or you buckled down and made it through it with all 4 wheels making contact on the floor at the same time, it’s time to go on to your second project.

That would be some welding “saw” horses.  No, a welding table can come later. “Project” horses can come in handy building other projects and can provide the base of a support for many different projects. These can be simple beams with T shaped support legs or the more traditional V shaped supports, used by carpenters.

Now of course, these aren’t wood, but rather steel that I am talking about. Tubing that is at least 2 inches in diameter and over 11 gauges should be used. I’ve personally used these horses myself for laying out items and squaring things up. Even on a concrete floor that has some irregularities, these horses can be bushed and shimmed so that any frame or structure that is laid across them is reasonably level and square.

This is why I say take on building these project horses next. They can serve as a foundation for getting your welding table project of the ground by helping to square the frame and get it right from the beginning. Out of all my projects, this is the one that served me best. It doesn’t have to be confined to a shop and anywhere I take them, a sheet of steel creates me an instant welding table.


Appreciate the good info on welding. I've just taken this up as a hobby, but it also occasionally incorporates into my Danville concrete company. So thank you for the good info.