Primary Electric Shock During Welding Process

Just like any other works, welding also has its own probability where accidents happen. Most often accidents happen because of the improper precautionary steps taken by the welders or when it happened due to the instrument fault.

One of the accidents that happen during the process of welding is Electric shocks. The primary shock is a condition when the primary voltage shock - at 115 volts to as high as 600 volts passes through the victim’s body. This Electric shock is even dangerous than the much greater voltages.

A person can experience a primary shock if he happens to get in contact with touch a lead or other electrically hot element inside the welder. Especially when the body of the victim stays in contact with welder case or other grounded metal with the power to the welder. You can identify a grounding lead in the input power cable when the input power grounding lead has got green insulation or when it has got no insulation.