Portable Welding With Inverter Welders - Part 2

Portable welding with an inverter welder.

As much as the Major welder manufacturing companies hate to admit it, engine driven welder/generators are sort of a relic from the past even though they have turned to inverter welder technology in their design and build. Now they aren’t going anywhere fast, and they will have a place for a long time to come. But when you consider the purchase cost of having a welder that generates power and the issues with ensuring the unit puts out the clean power sine wave on the generator side that is needed to operate many small inverter welders, you are sort of left wondering why have a generator/welder only to have to have another welder to plug into the generator side when another process is needed.  The whole system seems convoluted when you think about it. Why not simply have a much less expensive and more compact generator to run a powerful multi-process MTS unit or even separate MIG, TIG or Stick units that will plug into the generator? Many people trying to break into the industry who have not had years of people telling them to do it this way or that way and telling them what they need to buy are often resorting to this solution from their own independent thinking. It makes sense both financially and from a business standpoint. If any one welder goes down, it can be replaced without having to sacrifice the use of the other units  during the interim until it is fixed. If a generator goes down, it is much less expensive and easier to replace. But for some reason if replacing the generator is not a good solution at the time, a long heavy extension cord connected to the nearest outlet may be able to step in and provide power on jobsites where such power is available. 

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