Portable Shop lights - Welding shop accessories Part6

Even though you are behind a dark hood while welding, having adequate lighting in your shop is extremely important. Backlighting the welding area helps illuminate the part, even while welding. Tood dark of a welding environment is hard on the eyes, and can lead to missed welds and sloppy work, even misread tape measures. If your shop is currently too dark, portable lighting may be the answer.

There are many different types of portable lighting, ranging from high wattage halogen to clamp on lights with screw in florescent or incandescent lights. Recently, shop lights have taken a great leap forward, with the advent of LED shop lighting. Prices have already come down and even poseable lights can be bought for ten dollars or less on sale. These have several advantages, by being more durable, and will not blow or break easily. Also they do not heat up the workplace, and remain cool to the touch. Personally, I have found them invaluable as a replacement for the halogens that create so much heat and are so finicky with respect to how they are handled. Although they are not as bright and concentrated in focus, they are more than adequate to shed light where it is needed. Combined with economical pricing, and durability, LED seems to be the new standard in alternative shop lighting.


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