Plasma Cutting Torches:

The all series, made up of plasma cutting torches with no high frequency from 20 to 110 Amperes, satisfies the market require, offering a variety of advantages, such as: fewer electromagnetic troubles, a smaller amount electrical stress on the torch and connection wires, better construction ease in comparison to competitors. The plasma torches of some versions permit the use of the torch with generators prepared with an inside compressor. Some models of plasma torches are company’s most recent creation, are prepared with water cooling and offers top performance in the variety, with no high frequency. The plasma torches of some series, with high frequency cut in, from 40 to 100 Amperes, offers an most favorable response to each demand for Plasma cutting with traditional generators. The model everlast 100a rated PILOT ARC cutting torch 25ft is the most recent creation in this field to complete the variety in the small power segment, as the model of some other, an development of some plasma torches, with the new water cooling scheme, permits outstanding presentation in cutting thick pieces. The model of some plasma torches completes the Trafimet plasma variety in cutting with high frequency cut in.


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