Plasma Cutter Consumables:

The Electrode:

The main function of the electrode is to give power to the plasma arc. Electrode wear is detected by examining the insert and calculating pit depth. Excessive electrode wear decreases cut quality and can result in spoil to the plasma torch. Premature electrode wear is most frequently caused by a small number of common culprits, the most ordinary being mismatched torch parts. Other contributors may include wrong gas flow settings, gas leaks, moisture build-up and impurities in the plasma gas.

The Nozzle:

The nozzle restrictions the plasma arc to an exact diameter through a completely round hole in its tip. It constricts the plasma gas, raising its velocity. The most general cause of nozzle spoil is, once again, incompatible torch component. Also, wrong cut distance, cutting material thicker than the ability of your plasma cutter, and wrong gas and amperage settings will cause premature wear. Vigilance on the part of the operator, normal examinations and using OEM parts will help extend the life of your plasma consumables. The electrode and nozzle should be changed as a set to keep cut excellence at its very maximum.


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