Need for winterizing gas engine welder generator

Welder generator is a critical component when it comes to welding. Irrespective of whether you use them during winters or not there are some considerations you need to take for its proper usage and storage.

The gasoline engines experience numerous problems when not used over an extensive period of time. You ought to be lucky if you are planning to use it on a weekly basis. There are some standard routine maintenance procedures you need to attend to even during warmer climatic conditions. Every generator comes with an owner’s manual. So do refer it in order to maintain your generator properly. The generators in order to function below temperatures such as 0 degrees Fahrenheit change the oil used by the generator to a lighter weight. The 5W-30 provides better viscosity and circulation of oil throughout the engine.

Factors to consider while winterizing your generator to work efficiently when expected to are mentioned below.

•    Use of ethanol in your gasoline (around 10% of the total mixture would suffice)
•    Phase separation is one of the common problems attained due to the above mentioned mixture. However it can avoided by using other additives available in the market.
•    The ethanol acts as a clearing agent removing the debris
•    Ethanol does have shorter shelf life which gums up the carbonators and to avoid this issue, you have fuel stabilizers and other additives.
•    Proper anti-icing kits should be properly installed to avoid carburetor icing. You can add iso-propyl alcohol for this purpose
•    Keep the battery of the generator at a warmer place or use a battery heater to keep them warm during cold seasons.