Need for Water Shroud in Plasma Cutters

The plasma can be made to function with a water shroud or in an alternative case by submerging the work piece for some 50 to 75mm below the surface of the water. Either ways, water is used to keep the condition or temperature of the process under control.

Unlike in the usual plasma cutting methods, we can find that the water takes the role of being the barriers. The advantage of Water Shroud in plasma cutters is that it reduces fumes, decreases noise levels to a great extent and improves the life of the nozzle.

In a usual method the noise levels were noted to be at high current levels of 115dB. But for the conventional plasma cutting machine we can note that the water shroud played a vital role in reducing the noise level to about 96dB.

Seeing that the water shroud will not add to the quantity of constriction, we can note that the squareness of the cut edge as well as the cutting speed is improved to a great extent.


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