Necessary Hand tools one must have to perform welding

Welding has certainly revolutionized the art of heavy industry manufacturing and enabled us to give rise to some of the most comprehensive and sturdy steel and other metal products that we use on a daily basis.

Welding is quite simple and easy to understand. Almost any common man could understand this particular art by simply reading about it. However, in order to create proper joints without injuring one’s self, one need to practice for quite some time to master the art as a welder. There are certain hand tools which you ought to have mandatorily before you proceed ahead with your welding process. These hand tools are highly necessary to enhance your welding procedure which helps you to create proper joints and safeguard yourself as welding is quite the dangerous task. These hand tools are listed below,

  1. A good pair of gloves that is quite thick and thin simultaneously so that your hands are protected sufficiently and at the same time you can feel things that you use while welding.
  2. Assorted set of hammers just in case you need to strike some metal that gets stuck.
  3. C shaped clamps for clamping stuff.
  4. Adjustable wrench for tightening the regulator of the gas tank when you are welding with gas.
  5. Tape measure for measuring things.
  6. Sets squares for better precise markings.
  7. A good pair of wire snips for cutting feeding through wires.
  8. Good quality grinders with attachments for cutting, cleaning and smoothening surfaces.
  9. Markers, soap stones, sharpies, pen, pencil for marking measurements.

Most importantly always have a fire extinguisher next to you while you perform welding.