MIG welding equipment

MIG welding is also known as metal oxide inert gas welding. It can be a semi automatic or an automatic arc welding process. There are many units available by many manufacturers today that cater to MIG welding. You should be sure as to where you choose your equipment that you want to buy from however. Normal parameters that you should look for your set up are if it is portable.

It should be able to fit in your workshop. Also the roll capacity of your equipment is important. For most operations, a 12lb machine should be good enough to keep you running back for more wire. Also if the unit has a flux core with optional drive rolls then it should be a good bargain for you.

Normally these machines also come with a spool gun that is attachable. This will help to weld materials like aluminum. Also if you are going out to buy such a machine, make sure that you look out for the arc force control feature. There are affordable pulse MIG welding machines available today. These will help in precision and also not burn a hole in your pocket at the same time. Invest reasonably and you can easily find a machine that will most benefit your wielding project.


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