How to strike an Arc in Welding

Welding is a process where in two work pieces are joined together with the help of molten solution which is then allowed to settle and cool down to form the bond between the work pieces. The whole idea is to create perfectly shaped things used in manufacturing process and the joint between the things should be as strong as possible. Experience and qualification comes in handy for striking the perfect arc, nonetheless beginners can also pick it up quite easily.

For attaining what is mentioned above, apart from precision and quality of the worker, striking of a perfect arc is very essential. Without a perfect arc it is absolutely impossible to attain the shape we require. There are three possible ways to strike an arc. You can flick up from an edge, strike it like a match or scratch it, and tap it straight down and back up.  The rod has to be held at the right angle. Actually you must hold it between 0 to 16 degrees, but as a beginner holding t up straight is better as you eventually drop your arm which changes the angle of the rod. If the welding rod sticks, wiggle it off or else disconnect the holder/stinger from the rod.


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