How to Stop Spot Weld splash:

Vehicle manufacturers use spot welding to hold body panels and structural jointly rather than employ other welding techniques. This is due to the minimal amount of cost for every spot weld and small electrode use. The spot welder has to be set correctly in order for the spot welds to hold and to decrease the amount of splash created during the spot welding process. Splash created during spot welding is in fact molten metal that is released from the spot weld. The molten metal forms a rough ring that environs the spot weld.


1. Slide the fine-toothed flat file over the top and bottom copper welding electrodes of the spot welder. The instructions of both electrodes must be glossy with no visible tarnish.

2. Put on your safety spectacles.

3. Alter the weld settings on the spot welder for the measure of sheet metal you will be spot welding. This includes the press time, hold time and electrical energy.

4. Twist on the spot welder; overlap the two pieces of sheet metal and depress the pedal of the spot welder to spot weld the two pieces of sheet metal jointly.

5. Twist the spot welded sheet metal 1/4 of an inch and then release the pedal of the spot welder.

6. Run a gloved hand over the spot weld. If your gloved hand catches to the spot weld, you have splash surrounding the weld point and you require continuing to Step 7. If your welding glove does not catch on the weld, the spot welder is set properly.

7. Boost the weld force and squeeze time of the spot welder. Perform one more examination spot weld and do again Step 6 to make sure that there is no splash around the spot weld. Continue adjusting the weld setting scheduled in this step until your gloved hand does not catch on the spot weld.

8. Clean the copper electrodes following you have the spot welder set correctly previous to you use the spot welder to weld extra sheet metal.


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