Hobby Welding

Are you welding for business or for pleasure? Welding is pretty straightforward, for it is performed with the sole purpose of joining two materials together. However, many welders know that welding is both a science and an art, even though welding is primarily used for commercial purposes. At Everlast, we feel that both commercial and recreational welders develop highly specialized skills and craftsmanship, devoted to mastering their techniques. In today’s blog, we will explore welding as a hobby and some of the amazing craftsmanship of well known welding artists who created unique welding art.

Henry Moore is one of Britain’s renowned sculptors who reached his hallmark of fame in the 1950s, then passed away in 1986. He was known for his large, semi-abstract bronze sculptures which are located around the world as public works of art. His sculptures are usually abstractions of the human figure, typically depicting mother-and-child or reclining figures. His forms are generally pierced or contain hollow spaces. Alexander Calder was a famous 20th century sculptor who had perfected the art of sculptural welding. At a young age, born to artistic parents, he was encouraged to sculpt, and his first sculptures were made when he was 8 years old in 1909. However, before he became a widely recognized artist, we received his engineering degree, then eventually worked with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.  It was while he worked with the circus that he learned to work with wire and began creating beautifully welded sculptures. Antoine Pevsner is another 20th century artist who was of French heritage and born in pre-revolutionary Russia in 1886. Pevsner is highly regarded as a sculptor for his innovative welding techniques. In 1923, in the exhilarating art environment of Paris, he joined other artists who endorsed the new aesthetics of geometric abstraction. Pevsner developed a style based on convex and concave forms, primarily funnel-shaped vortices. There are many other welder artists of note, but these were among the first welders who created unique welding art. Imagine what they might have created if they had some of our newest welding technology available in their workshops. Today’s welding artists have these pioneers to thank, like 35-year-old oil field pipe welder/artist Pat Teakell in Alaska. Are you inspired to create unique welding art of your own? If so, here is a link from eHow on how to make metal sculptures using welding tools. Have fun with your welding projects and enjoy the process, as well as your hobby.


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