GTAW Process: Overview

The Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) process, commonly referred to as TIG, has long been considered a fine art form of welding. As a welding process, TIG welding, requires the most knowledge, practice, patience, and overall skill. Even many professional welders are reluctant to add the GTAW process to their welding repertoire due to the skill level and practice needed to thoroughly master.

Thanks to many of the reality fabrication and do-it-yourself shows and a sluggish economy, TIG welding has gained in popularity. A lot of people have suddenly found themselves edging toward owning their own business, whether it’s a motorcycle, rod shop, or even machine shop after watching non-stop marathons of their favorite fab show on the Discovery Channel or Speed Channel. One of the first purchases often sought is a TIG welder, as it seems to be the backbone of every DIY show on television, so naturally, it must be the backbone of the new shop. Right? Unfortunately, it’s also the very same purchase that brings the first dose true reality to newest Chopper shop to open its doors. It seems that TIG welding is not as easy to master as it seems. For some, the sheer cost of just getting started buying TIG welding related accessories blows the budget. The disappointment experienced by many not to be able to instantly weld is often a setback to getting the business going. Over the next few blogs, we'll look at various aspects of TIG welding to offer some guidance and support to the person interested in making their first TIG welder purchase and getting their business off to a successful start.