Few Welding tips for welding sheet metal

Welding is the concept wherein two or more metal work pieces are joined together with the help of a molten solution fed by the welding gun that forms the bond between the work pieces upon cooling. This technique is severally used in heavy industry manufacturing where lots of metal raw materials are used for manufacturing things. Sheet metal is one among the complicated things that might require welding either during manufacturing or servicing. This sheet metal is used in range of applications for providing sturdy and outer finish for several products we use on a daily basis.

  • When it comes to welding sheet metal, always stick with Gas welding (oxy-acetylene) or MIG welding (Wire feed procedure). TIG welding also serves as a great option for welding sheet welding. But then again, welding sheet metal using TIG welding procedure makes it all the more complicated and difficult and only very few TIG welders go for this particular option.  Most welders prefer the first two options mentioned above.
  • Finish off your MIG welds. Weld only one small tack at a time. Never weld an area that is too warm to touch. The more heat you put in with your MIG welder the more leverage the particular war-page has. Grind the weld as smooth as possible and then sandblast the area. Otherwise carve all the scales out of the welds using a small broken drill motor.


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