The Evolution of the Welding Industry:

1. The evolution of the welding industry started in the early stages, as early that it is mentioned in the Bible; Tubal Cain “forged all types of tools from bronze and iron." This is the first welding ever done in the history.

2. Benardos explained the process of carbon electrode welding in the year 1881 when an extra rod was added to the needed metal.

3. The oxyacetylene welding process was soon developed after the accidental discovery of acetylene in the year 1892 by Morehead and Wilson.

4. In 1904, Oscar Kjellberg increased the electrode welding quality and also fast by inventing the covered electrode.

5. Later on in December 1924, Atomic Hydrogen Welding Process was invented and defined in the patent by Alexander. This process is almost similar to the MIG welding.

6. The TIG welding process came into existence in 1940-1941 by Russell Meredith and this process was then called as “Heliarc” as it used an electric arc and helium to melt the base metal and to shield the molten material respectively.

7. Robert Gage on July 26th 1955 discovered the “Arc Torch and Process”, though a welding process it gained wide acceptance and became a choice for thermal cutting.

And thus evolved the welding industry!


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