Everything you wanted to know related to Everlast Welders and Basic Welding Part 2

Everything you wanted to know related to Everlast Welders and Basic Welding:

The Good, the Bad, and the important FAQ’s. Part 2

As we’ve grown, getting service has always a concern factor for our customers. 

Question #2 comes on the heels of that: Do I have to send this back to China for repair and wait 6 months?  The Answer: we first must reaffirm that we are a US based company. (See question 1).   We offer US based tech support and repair and we pride ourselves on that.   If the unit cannot be repaired, whether it’s  a MIG welder, TIG welder, Stick welder or Multi-Process welder, then it may be replaced.   While we currently have one trained central repair center where all units go to be repaired, in the near future, we hope to offer additional repair centers throughout the country so that our customers can get repairs locally.  However, it does take time to locate and vet qualified service people and factory train them on diagnosis and repair of our product.  As part of our continuous efforts at improvements, we are making the units easier to repair and diagnose internally, so much so that many repairs are plug and play so much so that many customers can make a competent repair if needed for the sake of expediency.   Unfortunately, we do get a little behind from time to time seasonally.  But from what I’ve been able to determine from experience and other experienced customers, our repair times are not completely out of the realm of normal with our competitor’s products.  Our goal is to return the unit to the customer as quick as possible, but not before it is thoroughly diagnosed, repaired, and then retested to make sure no other issues occurred as a result of the original problem. We’d rather take our time so it’s done right the first time than to rush a unit out that has not been fully tested.

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