Everything you wanted to know related to Everlast Welders and Basic Welding

Everything you wanted to know related to Everlast and Basic Welding: The Good, the Bad, and the important FAQ’s.

This month, it’s time to start answering some frequently asked welding questions.  Over the past few years I’ve worked with Everlast, I’ve gotten a wide gamut of questions ranging from questions about the quality of our product, to fundamental questions about our welders.  We’re going to cover a hodge podge of popular questions and issues that people seem to have when it has anything to do with our welders or welding in general.  We’ll take a little at a time, to give you something to think about, chew on, or even do a spit take over your morning cup of Joe…because for some they may seem hilarious, but for others they’ll be dead serious questions, and as we all know, the only dumb question is the one never asked…right?   Let’s get started. 

Question 1:  What Makes Everlast any better than any other imported Chinese welder? Good question and a most frequent one. Everlast is US based.  That means we have people in the US running the company.  We are not remotely controlled from overseas.  We actually have living, breathing US based operations headquartered in South San Francisco CA.  That’s important when you need information help or service.  We also have US based design control and a quality improvement program that is well established now.  We do not sell an “off the shelf” product though our factory also manufacturers for other brands.  It is made to our specifications, with our oversight and production supervision.  While we work with the factory on details, the basis and origination of the products comes from the US.  You may find similar looking product being sold in other countries and made in the same factory we use, but most of it has originated from Everlast’s own aggressive  efforts at producing a product suitable for and appealing to US customers.  Other companies benefit from our progress as the factory is able to meet our demands.  Our product is exclusive in the US, and no other brand is selling the same product as ours in North America. They can try to copy it, but it won’t be the same.

Everlast Power Equipment, a US based welding company.


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