Everything You Wanted To Know About Everlast TIG Welders & Basic Welding

We frequently get questions regarding the features of one TIG welder has over the other.  People ask “Do I need all the bells and whistles?”  Of course, this references different features that each unit has over the other.  One of the point of misunderstanding is that these “bells and whistles” can make you a better welder.   To answer this question accurately though, you must determine how much of your work will be done at a work bench with a foot pedal and how much work is going to be done away from the work bench in strange and unusual positions.    If fabrication is going to be done on a conventional table, or in a position where the foot pedal is going to be used, the answer is “probably not”.   Most of the features that are included in our and our competitor’s larger and more expensive units relate to use with the 2T/4T switch on the torch that takes place of the foot pedal.   These features are items like start amps, end amps, upslope and down slope.  These items are all specifically related to the torch switch function for remote operation without a foot pedal.  Most people who are starting out or not familiar with  advanced TIG features, find the concept of welding without a foot pedal or an immediate way to control the amperage a little strange or “useless”.   But when used properly and in the right setting they can add value and ease the TIG issues of welding out of position without an easy way to incorporate the pedal.   But again, if you are tied to a foot pedal, these functions are of little value.  Only Pre flow and post flow are of added value, and really only postflow since it can be used to provide preflow as well.


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