The Electrically Hazardous Areas While Welding

While you get to start welding, you will have to know about a few important stuffs like Safe Work Practices, Primary Electric Shock and precautions, Secondary Electric Shocks and precautions and more. This article is a short lesson about the Electrically Hazardous Areas that you will have to know before starting to weld alone on your home. If you are still practicing welding, it is advisable for you to learn all the possibilities in which one might fall into an accident and avoid them wisely.

Generally arc welding is electrically hazardous under the following conditions. If the location in which the welding is carried out is damp or wet, or on metal floors or surfaces, or if it is in restricted body positions of the welder when he is sitting, kneeling or lying, the probability of Accident is more.

The welding equipments which are best for carrying out arc welding under electrically hazardous areas is when you use Semiautomatic DC Constant Voltage welder or DC Manual welder or AC welder. All of them must be used with Reduced Voltage Control.

If you experience a shock the first thing you should o is to check your equipment for any malfunctions like disconnection in input power and take the machine to a qualified electrician to resolve it.