Changing TIG torches on your Everlast welder

One of the features of our Everlast TIG welders is that our torch power connections interchange with name brands and almost any torch can be fitted to our welders. As a rule, we ship a torch that matches the maximum output capability and duty cycle of the welder. Some companies ship a smaller torch with less capability than the capability of the unit. This is often for marketing and pricing rather than serviceability.

Admittedly a large 300 amp water cooled torch like the WP 18 we supply with the PowerTIG 250 EX is like wielding a club next to a 125 amps WP 9 for some people.  But others find it a steady, comfortable torch which smooths out all the bumps and shakes. So, we use a standard DINSE type 35 series connector, which is the same style found on Miller and Lincoln welders to ensure that our customers have no issues changing out torches in favor of more desirable ones that fit the customer’s needs.

There are two things though that our customers should be aware of when changing torches.  One is the gas connection.  We use a standard 9mm (1/8”) water/gas quick connect commonly used for water cooled MIG torches in the US and TIG torches used with some welder companies worldwide.  Most TIG torch suppliers have these available upon request.  The other is that if a TIG torch switch is used, our 7 pin connectors will need to be swapped over to the new switch.

This is a simple process and requires soldering the two wires to pins one and two on the connector.  These are also available from us and some online suppliers if an extra connector is needed.   They are relatively inexpensive so it’s not a major concern. As a relatively new announcement, Everlast has become an OEM supplier of C-K brand torches which are one of the most sought after brands on the market today.