Best TIG Torch, What TIG Torch Is Best For You? Part 2

Which TIG torch is best for me? Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the new TIG torch product line we offer.

When consideration is given to matching the TIG torch to the maximum amperage and capability of the welder, the choice becomes more or less a math problem. But while our stock torches will interchange with other torches on the market as far as the consumables and overall size and design are essentially the same, there is a company that stands above us and the rest of the industry in design, appearance and amperage capability. CK worldwide is one such company. We’ve partnered with CK to offer them as a premium choice when purchasing our welders. Each CK TIG torch is designed for the roughest industrial environment and is able to weld at higher amperages than the comparable brands of its competitors, (including Everlast premium torches). We can offer CK torches to fit any brand of TIG welder and any fitting style. If you wish to purchase a CK torch contact Everlast direct at 877 755 9353 or email us at Keep in mind that these torches are offered as an additional purchase with your TIG welder. You will still receive the standard deluxe torch package that we prepackage with all our units, but you will have it to use as a spare in case you have something happen and it is needed in an emergency. Currently two of the most popular selling torches are the flex-loc series and the trim line series. The Flex-loc series offers an independently rotating head and a built in offset that improves visibility and the capability of welding in hard to reach spaces. The Trimline features the standard series heads but with smaller girth around the handle along with a single line gas and power cable matchup. Check these out on CK’s website and then give us a call if you think you would like to have one. We’ll match or beat almost any legitimate price out there.

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