Arc welding - safety measures:

Arc welding is a welding which helps to create an electric arc between the work pieces and an electrode by using a welding power supply. Since because of the low cost, the arc welding process is being so popular. In arc welding process either Direct Current (DC) or Alternating Current (AC) can be used. There are different power supplies being used to supply electrical energy for arc welding process. The most commonly used power supplies are Constant Current power supplies and Constant Voltage power supplies. In this type of welding, the constant voltage power is related to the arc length and the constant current is related to the quantity of heat input.

Safety measures:

• Since the field of welding included various electrical explosions, emission of ultraviolet & infrared, electrical shocks, etc., safety measures to be taken bravely during the process of any type of welding.

• Especially during arc welding, the welder should wear a necessary safety welding equipments like good quality of
o Helmet and shields
o Colored glass
o Face shields
o Safety goggles
o Woolen clothing
o Flame proof aprons,

• While purchasing the safety welding equipments, the main point to note is the quality of the manufacturer.

• There are various welding manufacturers are selling the welding equipments online. is one of the best online welding shop where you can get a branded welding equipments of good quality.

• Place your orders online and enjoy various discounts.


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