All about Tungsten electrodes:

Tungsten electrodes, the important welding product is known for its strength and durability. It is used because of the following properties such as a very hard, brittle, and gray to white metal that is extremely corrosion resistant. It has the highest melting point and tensile strength of any metal and it also has the lowest vapor pressure point. Tungsten is a valuable metal known and widely used in military and industrial applications. Tungsten electrodes are made of tungsten coatings and 2% thoriated tungsten has been the most commonly used tungsten material.

Tungsten tig welding uses 2% thoriated tungsten electrode in different mm such as 2mm, 4mm and 6mm thoriated tungsten electrode. Tungsten electrode is notably used in tig welding process and because of its high melting point tungsten is used in aircraft application as well. Thoriated tungsten electrodes have higher conductivity and generally last longer and pure tungsten electrodes contain 99.5% of tungsten and have the highest consumption rate of all electrodes.