All about mig welding and pros and cons of it

Mig welding is a semi-automatic arc welding process which is most often used with steel. In this process an unremitting consumable wire electrode and a defending gas are fed through a welding gun. At the last part of the gun, there is a contact edging tip which passes electrical energy to the wire. The wire and the shielding gas are set in motion to generate the weld when the machinist lowers the trigger of the gun.


       1) With a little practice almost all can execute this type of welding.

       2) Materials which are thinner can be easily welded.

       3) Operating costs is much lower comparatively to other types of welding.

       4) Since it can weld even a smallest material the wastage of materials is very fewer

       5) Uninterrupted welds


      1)Since there is a possibility of undue melt-through the outcome will end up in partial joint penetration or fusion.

      2)MIG welds are well-known to leave deposits that are greatly rusty.

      3)It lets out heavy smoke

      4)It will not weld through any dirty materials.

      5)Complex equipment.


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