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Welding Skill Articles:

Welding Equipments Used Daily 

Are you planning to construction an apartment or office building? If yes then we would need welding equipments. These equipments play a vital role in welding and cutting. These are specially utilized for joining two metals together.


Learn Arc Welding and Necessary Supplies 

Welding is the method of joining two metals by fusing them together. The common form of welding is arc welding and most people learn that first. You can learn it by getting all the essential supplies and practicing it.


10 Important Tips About Welding 

Welding is the result of a combination of heat & pressure to melt materials & join them with a filler material. It is a process of fabrication which is a potentially dangerous one.


Consumable Plasma Cutters -Pros & Cons

A plasma cutter is a device which can cut through a metal using super heated gases emitted from its nozzle. Thy can focus approximately 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit of heat in the tightly-focused emission, cutting into the thickest metals in moments.


Guide For Selecting and Preparing Tungsten Electrodes

Tungsten is the main metal used in Gas Metal Arc Welding (GTAW) or TIG electrodes. This has to be selected with care.


Importance of welding education

Welding technology has evolved dramatically in a period of 100 years and the need for proficient welders in the industry is greater than ever. In today's world, Welders must be skilled in many welding processes and must possess adequate expertise in performing a welding work.


Verticle up or Vertical down? (part1)

At some point in time, every welder will be faced with making a vertical welding pass. For most people, welding vertical is a larger challenge than welding overhead (except for the steady rain of sparks and slag).


Verticle up or Vertical down? (part2)

The Vertical Up weld is the preferred and accepted way of welding most thicker gauge materials in the US. Some foreign countries favor vertical down even with the inherent risks involved. However, it can be proven that the Vertical Up welds have more penetration, and better root fusing, particularly in a keyhole situation.


A strong case for an Inverter Welder

Hobbyist often consider their welder purchase based solely off of price. Seasoned professionals are no different, often consider their purchase based off of performance and price. Why the difference in their buying habits? Experience, of course!