Submerged Arc Products Coming Soon

Submerged Arc Welding is an automated process where operators are not needed for handling the welding equipments. Submerged Arc Welding or Subarc works by using a constantly fed wire electrode and a layer of fusible, granular material called flux. This flux protects the arc and molten metal.

Arc welding is an excellent process for rebuilding and hard facing. Some of the advantages of this process include great operating factors in mechanized applications and deep weld penetrations where distortion is less. Slag must be removed post-weld and during inter-pass.

Advantages of submerged arc welding include:
* You can easily perform this welding both indoors and outdoors.
* You do not need to apply any pressure for this welding process, thanks to the electric current.
* Creates good fusion and quickly welds the thin metal sheets.
* Automated, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

How to weld using the submerged arc welder?
* Check all the equipment that you use for welding and always read the manual before welding.
* Protect yourself by wearing welding gears such as welding helmets, welding gloves and welding clothes.
* After welding, do not rub your eyes immediately, and unplug the submerged arc-welding machine.
* Clean your working area properly and always properly clean your eyes.

Prepare metal before welding:
Always prepare the metal before welding so that you can acquire the quick welding process. The surface you are going to weld should be flat and clean, to achieve a firm welding process. If any rust is present on the surface, remove it and ensure that there is no rust on the metal. Always remove the grease from the metal surface.