Plasma Cutting Machines Bring Better Control - True Or False -

Plasma cutting machines can cut any type of conductive metal like, mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel preferably, less than one inch thick. This is a process in which a high velocity jet of ionized gas is given from a constricting orifice. The high velocity ionized gas, which is the plasma, conducts the electricity from the torch to the material. The plasma thus heats and melts the material and cuts it.

The other type of cutting that can be used is oxyfuel cutting. In this oxyfuel burns or oxidizes the material that it is being cut. This can thus be used only with steel and non ferrous metals that support oxidizing. It cannot be used with aluminum and stainless steel which form an oxide and do not allow further oxidization. Plasma cutting does not need oxidization for cutting.

The fuel needed for plasma cutting is compressed gas, which is readily available, although other gasses can also be used. For an inexperienced person, plasma cutting machines are easier to use. They are also faster when used for cutting thin materials. It can make non-linear cuts. It is good for cutting expanded metal, and this is generally impossible with oxyfuel cutting. It is more expensive than oxyfuel cutting and requires compressed air and electrical power. Some people prefer oxyfuel cutting as it does not need compressed air and electrical power and it can cut material that is more than one inch thick.

Plasma cutting machines are rated according to their cutting ability and their amperage. So, choose the right machine. One-fourth inch machine has 25 amps of output, half inch machine has 50 to 60 amps output and three-fourth to one inch machine has 80 amps output. The right machine will bring better control while cutting the material within one inch thick.

The optimal speed of the plasma cutting machine should be chosen correctly. It is best to choose a machine that can handle approximately twice the cutting thickness that you generally need. You should also check the duty cycle of the plasma cutting machine. Duty cycle is the time that you can continuously cut without the machine getting heated and needing cooling. The higher the duty cycle, you can use the machine for a longer period of time without a break.

Plasma cutting machines bring better control while cutting any material. They can cut non ferrous material. They can travel at high speeds thus, speeding up the process of cutting. It is safer as flammable material and explosive material is not required to operate it. The machine is portable and can easily be taken to the place where any material has to be cut. The machine is rugged and can withstand hard usage. The safety features such as the sensor to know whether is in place, so that it will not start arc without the nozzle in place. You should also get a machine that will give a three second free flow safety before the arc is started, so that the welder can be sure that he has all the body parts away from the nozzle.

With plasma cutting machines, you can get the perfect quality cut and you can cut with faster than other methods. This is possible if you can get the right type of plasma cutting machine for your needs. Choose the one best suited for your needs. Check out the internet and the shops for different plasma cutters that are available and choose the one that is best for you.