Equipments of welding

Equipments of welding:

June 28th, 2011

Most people know the definition of welding by now. At least they should know welding is a term used in manufacturing industries which manufactures heavy and other steel related objects which we are most likely to use on a day to day basis. Nonetheless, welding is a process where two or more metal pieces are joined together with the help of a molten solution. The molten solution on cooling down forms a strong bond between the work pieces. This whole process depends heavily upon electricity and high heat transfer to be a successful one.

As mentioned earlier it is impossible to perform the art of welding without electricity and high heat energy transfer. As such there are certain equipments used in the welding which allows us to perform the necessary. They have actually revolutionized the manufacturing industries and improved the quality of welds beyond measures. Welding equipments as such involve awelding gun, a generator, spool with a nozzle, gas and the work pieces. Gas is necessary for running the generator which gives the necessary electricity and the welding gun along with spool and nozzle allows you to focus the heat energy upon the work pieces. Apart from these there are also welding safety equipments such as welding goggles, shield or mask, welding apparels and gloves etc.