Buying guildelines for diesel generators

Once you decide to purchase a diesel generator for whatever application - be it for construction activity, industrial use, commercial building, retail outlet, hospitals or even domestic purposes - you need to determine the exact power output required and your budget limits. After knowing the application for which you need the diesel generator, you should consider the type of diesel generator to buy.

Broadly speaking, there are four types of diesel generators available in the market - the most ubiquitously seen Stand-by Diesel Generators, Portable Diesel Generators, Tailor-mounted Diesel Generators that can be towed and finally the Power Take-off Diesel Generators. All these types of diesel generators come with different power output and you can choose the right one in keeping with your specific requirements.

Standby generators are the most popular and range from 7 kW to several hundred kW of power. They can be installed permanently as an alternate emergency power source for your home or business. The diesel generators are usually hardwired to your home or building electrical system and obtain fuel from built-in fuel tanks. 

Portable generators are extremely useful as they can provide temporary power supply in remote locations, such as construction sites. Portable generators are understandably more compact and cost less than standby generators. They have built-in fuel tanks, which allow them to run anywhere, and standard power outlets that can plug into ordinary extension cords. But be warned that portable diesel generators should never be operated indoors as they produce fumes that can cause serious suffocation.

Finding a suitable diesel generator to meet your needs is not difficult - particularly in today's market scenario - as there are enough manufacturers offering a variety of models at competitive rates and the presence of the Internet to obtain online quotes.

Before buying the diesel generator, it is good to understand that the diesel generator has two principal components. One is the motor that burns fuel to supply the required power and secondly, the generator head that turns power into electricity. The safety features of the diesel generators can prevent personal injuries as well as damage to the generator.

Good quality standby diesel generators will shut down automatically if they lose oil pressure, overheating, or are being worked too hard. Standby generators also have solid metallic enclosures, efficient mufflers to reduce noise, and meeting all relevant emission regulations.

While scouting for a suitable diesel generator online you may have to bear in mind some basic factors like reliability of the manufacturer, type of diesel generator, brand reputation, required model, terms of warranty, after-sales maintenance and last but not least in importance - the price.

Apart from diesel generators, there are also other fuel types like gasoline, liquid propane and natural gas. But diesel generators are the most favored ones as they tend to be lot more dependable and somewhat less expensive to operate. Please also remember that diesel fuel is also much safer to store then gasoline.

Standby generator wired into your existing electric system requires proper installation - both from a safety point of view as well as to prevent damage to your existing wiring and other electrical equipment. It is wise to engage a qualified electrician to do the job to perfection.